Services + Pricing


Less stress & anxiety
More energy + vitality
Increased focus, concentration, memory + creativity
Improved problem solving + communication skills
Increased overall health and wellbeing
Boosted productivity, efficiency, and creativity

Company Benefits:

Higher productivity + focus
Team building = A more positive working environment
Lowered absentee rates + employee burnout
Boosted creativity and purpose

Want to know more about the benefits of workplace wellness programs? Check out our FAQ here >>


WE is your partner in creating a sustainable, healthy workplace where morale is high, productivity increases and healthcare costs decline.

Our secret sauce is not just that we offer high quality mindful programs like yoga, meditation, tai chi, etc., but we are experts in the design and delivery of unique and effective programs most relevant to your company goals and needs.

Examples of tailored mindfulness programs:

  • Yoga and Meditation for Stress Relief      
  • Yoga, Meditation and Breath for Sleep
  • Yoga For Strength & Balance
  • Yoga For Back Health
  • Aromatherapy Yoga
  • Self-Massage with Yoga Balls
  • Meditation: Movement & Seated
  • Meditation: Perceiving & Sensing
  • Meditation: Just Breathe 

TLC for company EXECUTIVEs:

Recognizing that the management team at companies and corporations may need care the most yet are pressed for time, let us help you design a custom wellness coaching that works with the unique needs of your executives. 

  • Clarity of mind equals unparalleled performance
  • Leaders who are centered and calm, inspire. Those committed to mindful leadership prove to be most effective. 


employee wellness Packages (customizable):

  • $475/ ONE-TIME company event or company retreat*
  • Wellness LITE Once a week $250/ session**
  • Wellness IMPACT (twice a week) $225/ session**  
  • Wellness TRANSFORM (thrice a week) $200/ session**  

* for 90 minutes. If outside Portland area, travel time + expenses additional.

** Based on a minimum of 3 months service agreement.