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What is workplace wellness + why are companies integrating into their business plans? 

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Why are companies offering Wellness Programs?  

When workplace wellness programs were first created, the initial focus was on helping employees quit smoking or lose weight. Essential but not that integrated (or sexy.) 

Wellness programs in recent years, have expanded to focus on more than just the physical aspects of health. Employers are now using their wellness offerings to increase employee engagement and to become an employer of choice.

A company's wellness offering has now become part of the culture, a way to attract and retain top talent and ultimately, a reflection of their values to both employees and their customers.  

WHY mindful wellness? 

We don't need to tell you that stress is rampant.

But we just did, and we also provided links to accredited research so check that out. If you're more the video-type, here's an insightful Ted Ed titled How Chronic Stress Affects Your Brain. #scary

Now, we bet you're  ready to explore why mindful movement like yoga or tai chi or meditation is profoundly powerful in naturally resolving the side effects of stress? We thought so, so here we go. 

NOw we bet you're wondering... Isn't There an app for this sort of thing? 

There are a ton of really incredible apps + youtube videos to teach you this and... just about anything. The truth is you've probably tried that app or taken that class on youtube, but it's hard to stay consistent or really progress on your own.

That's because nothing replaces the in-person experience of having a trained and passionate coach guiding you, seeing you, keeping you accountable and coming to where you are, week after week. Now, that's the juice. 


Now for the deets...Do you come onsite to our office? 

Yes!! Yes!! That's the whole concept. You don't need to come anywhere because we're coming to you!!  We'll travel to your office or event to deliver an onsite experience you and your team are going to love. Having an event outside of Portland? We travel! 

Do you Create executive programs?

The short answer is, "Yes."

The longer answer is, "We've customized programs for Executive off sites, quarterly check-ins, events as well as 1/1 personalized coaching. We'd love to connect and create a custom program for you!" 

Do you do one time events? 

We do! We love amping up the wellness vibe at your events. We've taught on budget day to break up the stress, at company events and  client appreciation events just to name a few. 

Can we host classes in our conference room? 

Yes! As long as there is enough space- we'll hold the space and teach your team in whatever space you have because we're bringing wellness... well "everywhere." 

Does our team need to have taken a yoga, tai chi or meditation class before? 

We especially love beginners.  all are welcome, no experience needed. 

Do you provide yoga mats? 

Ah... yoga mats, such a personal experience + preference. For those reasons we do not provide mats +  suggest that participants bring their own mats or that as part of the wellness program, you create company branded mats.  #bestcompanyever


Recommended Reading: 

Studies show an increasing trend that workplace wellness program is implemented to manage healthcare costs, improve employee health, and increase employee productivity

Plus if Harvard says it's true , Yale University has it's own mindful movement and Aetna's CEO advocates for it, there's got to be something to it. At least... we think so! 

So how do you start the conversation? Here are our top resources plus you've got us!