The Co-Creators

After personally experiencing the side effects of a high performance lifestyle we both searched for solutions to help us de-stress, center and reconnect. We discovered that practices incorporating both mind and body like yoga, meditation, tai chi etc were the cure to increased vitality, reduced stress and overall wellness. 

Passionate about the results we experienced in our own lives, we became life long students and teachers of these practices, committed to sharing them with others.  We are now the co-creators of  Wellness Everywhere (WE) based in Portland, Oregon leading a team of highly experienced wellness experts aligned in our mission to bring wellness to everyone, starting with the workplace. 

Candice Carlton

Candice Carlton, Co-Creator and CEO

Candice is a sought after story teller, speaker, meditation teacher and co-creator of WE. She spent10 years in the corporate world beginning her career on the trade desk of an investment firm. When she landed her "dream job" along with unrelenting anxiety and insomnia, she decided there must be another way. She attributes yoga and meditation to not only "saving her life," but creating a pathway to discover the work she was meant for. 

Candice has studied with internationally recognized yoga and meditation teachers, spent time on silent retreats (which is hard to believe if you know her!) and interviewed Buddhists Monks, acupuncturists, CEOs, Health Intuitives and an eclectic array of spiritual teachers all in her quest to understand how to create the life, health and fulfillment we're all starving for. 

Passionate about making mindful practices accessible to everyone, she has taught yoga at H+M on Budget Day, given mindfulness talks at Lululemon and led lunch time meditation at companies across Southern California and Portland. 

Candice now passionately dedicates her time to spreading the practices of mindful wellness in the workplace, based in Portland Oregon.  Find out more about her at

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Yiwen Chang, Co-Creator + Principal Teacher

Yiwen’s main focus and cultivation for the last thirty years has been on living a balanced life as well as to teach others on how to do that. 

Parallel to her holistic practices and teaching, Yiwen had a very successful corporate career in finance and product marketing. She also founded and directed a business consulting firm in the Bay Area for ten years until she decided to single-highhandedly create a yoga and healing center ( to serve communities in the Silicon Valley. Yiwen moved to Portland in January 2017.

While Yiwen successfully led corporate teams in strategic projects over twenty years, her calling in life for the past 30 years has been to create holistic wellness communities. Yiwen's teaching has been sought-after by thousands of students and yoga teachers over the years. She is also a popular guest speaker at many public events on yoga and self-care. Yiwen's reputation as an authority in wellness programs awarded her opportunities to implement mindfulness and yoga programs at local school districts, county wellness events, trade conferences, as well as onsite for corporate clients. Some corporate clients included: Pfizer, Roche, Electronic Arts, Siemens, name a few.

Together with Candice, Co-Creator of WE, Yiwen welcomes all inquiries on how to design and offer a mindful wellness program at work in Greater Portland!

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