Workplace Wellness

At Wellness Everywhere (WE), we believe that true wellness integrates both the body and mind. We specialize in mindful wellness for the workplace. Designing and delivering onsite classes in meditation, yoga, tai chi and more, we’re on a mission to bring mindful wellness to everyone, everywhere... starting at the workplace. 


Our Services

Mindful wellness programs custom designed for the workplace. We believe that a successful + sustainable wellness program starts with where you are and a roadmap to where you want to be. 

WE Programs include onsite classes in yoga, meditation, tai chi, pressure point massage, aromatherapy, etc. and caters to: 

  • Group Classes
  • Executive Stress Management Programs
  • Company Retreats
  • All Team Events

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You Are

A small to mid sized company, committed to your most valuable assets: your employees. You are driven to invest in a healthy culture at work and actively promote employee well-being because you care. And, you understand that workplace wellness programs help manage healthcare costs, improve employee health, and increase employee engagement.

Why are more and more companies offering employee wellness programs? Why hire us to create employee wellness programs? 

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We Are

WE are a team of passionate and experienced mindful wellness teachers committed to creating a workplace culture that demands the best of you, so you can do the meaningful work you were meant for. 

As ex-corporate citizens, who have experienced first-hand the physical and mental stress of a high performance lifestyle, we're uniquely qualified to understand the workplace and how to create mindful wellness programs for your company. 

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What is workplace wellness? And w

hy are companies making this part of their business plan?    

Which companies are doing it? What Harvard research says about the impact of stress and how to combat it . Plus what is mindful wellness + isn't there an app for that?  


 Benefits of Mindful Wellness Programs                                                 


Higher productivity + focus
Team building = A more positive working environment
Lowered absentee rates + employee burnout
Boosted creativity and purpose


Less stress & anxiety
More energy + vitality
Increased focus, concentration, memory + creativity
Improved problem solving + communication skills
Increased overall health and wellbeing
Boosted productivity, efficiency, and creativity

Wellness Everywhere

About Us 

Based in Portland, Oregon, you can find us walking our dogs in the forests, trying out the latest health food restaurants, sipping green juice + creating workplace wellness programs.